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Knockaround at 5&A Dime, San Diego

Knockaround sunglasses are now officially sold at 5&A Dime in downtown San Diego.  All of you local San Diegans probably know about this great shop already, but if ...

Campaign Desk

A red-lacquered desk that is easy to pick up and

Black Gold, On Sale Now

Two Blackbirds

Black Gold

Matte black frame... gold mirrored lenses... BLACK

Rawhide, Nevada

I picked up this original Dick Hall watercolor at the San Diego swap meet a few weekends ago.  Dick Hall drew Howdy Doody cartoons in the 50s and ...

Snapper Twins

Tanic Acid

Tanic acid from the trees make the river run


We thought about installing a horseshoe pit in the Knockaround studio this weekend, but it turned out to be cost-prohibitive.  Plus the sand would have gotten all over ...


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