04. 18. 2010

Miss Knockaround 2010: Q & A

This past weekend we sat down (via email) with our new Miss Knockaround 2010, Moira from Virginia, to ask about her new title, why she loves Knockarounds, and how she plans to achieve world peace.


What does the title of Miss Knockaround mean to you?
Since it’s the first of many, I like being the one to pave the way and start it for the upcoming years.  The title means a lot, but knowing it came from the support of thousands means way more.

What’s your favorite style and color of Knockarounds?
My favorite style and color, as of right now (it might change since you guys keep giving me reasons to drop my faves), are the tortoise Fort Knocks. They outdid my old favorite, the chocolate Premiums.

Which products are you hoping Knockaround puts out in the future?
I like the direction the company’s going right now with the accessories — maybe add a few wristbands since they’re everyday favorites of mine.  Especially leather and in crazy colors.  If you were to branch out further, I could see fitted hats sporting the Knockaround logo… along with bandanas. Maybe some more crazy colors plastered over extra low V-necks to go way left field?

What’s on Miss Knockaround’s schedule for Summer 2010?
I’m going back over to Europe for a few weeks to catch up on my native culture and soak up some of the other ones there.  After that, I’ll be in Manhattan for a bit with my best friend Alyssa seeing what New York brings for us.  Before the summer is over my boyfriend Jon and I have plans to get me on a surfboard,something he’s very familiar with.

Ace has a mantra:  “ACE ON BASE”.  What’s your mantra?

Photo by Jon Angot.


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