3 Generations of Aviator Sunglasses

My Grandfather, Robert K. Moyer, was drafted into the Army as a private in 1941, went to Officers Candidate School in 1942 (they called them “90-day wonders”), served overseas from 1942 to 1945, and left the active service in September 1945 as a Major in the Army Air Force.  During the War he served all over the world- England, North Africa, India, Egypt, France, Belgium, Germany- and these were the sunglasses he wore.  He stayed in the Reserves for another 5 years after the War, and continued to wear these aviators for the rest of his life- for driving, sporting events, and working in the garden.  They never went out of style, and they are a direct inspiration for the Mile Highs we launched last week.


My father, Dennis K. Moyer, wore this pair of aviator sunglasses in the 70’s.  I love the overall shape and the clear rubber padding, but mainly I love the fact that they’ve been knocked around for so many years and still look cool.  I keep this pair on my desk at the office. The thing is, as long as I’ve known my dad, he’s worn glasses, and these don’t have prescription lenses.  So I sent him an email the other day and asked him, “How did you see when you wore these?”  His response… “Not very well.”  But back in the 70’s it was all about looking good, and I’m sure he did.


I’ve wanted to add aviator sunglasses to the Knockaround lineup for a long time and about 9 months ago we decided to make it a reality. As we were going through the design and sampling phases, I kept going back to these two pairs of sunglasses.  I’m happy with the end result- our new Mile Highs– and I think you will be, too.  Pick up a pair today.






Made out of thousands of plastic bottles, the Plastiki is now on its final leg of a trip across the Pacific Ocean.  Click to learn more about their journey.


Knockaround Mile Highs

Introducing the all-new Knockaround Mile Highs!  A long time in the making, these unisex sunglasses have classic aviator styling:  a thin wire frame, teardrop lenses, colored rubber detailing, and an overall badass vibe that lets people know, “I might fly an airplane.”   $25.  Available now in the Knockaround SHOP.


Silver / Black / Smoke


Gold / White / Aviator Green


White / Red and Blue / Smoke


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