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Spike and Regan

3 Generations of Aviator Sunglasses

My Grandfather, Robert K. Moyer, was drafted into the Army as a private in 1941, went to Officers Candidate School in 1942 (they called them "90-day wonders"), served ...

Samon Takahashi

Atmospheric Distortions, Installation View, LA><Art,


Made out of thousands of plastic bottles, the Plastiki is now on its final leg of a trip across the Pacific Ocean.  Click to learn more about their ...

Spanish Landing Park

Another Day at the Office

Ace’s New Morning Routine

Knockaround Mile Highs

Introducing the all-new Knockaround Mile Highs!  A long time in the making, these unisex sunglasses have classic aviator styling:  a thin wire frame, teardrop lenses, ...

Pure Summer


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