Limited Edition Fat Tuesday Premiums!


We at Knockaround wanted to do something special this year to celebrate Mardi Gras.  We decided to scrap our first idea, which was to pack boiled crawfish in all outgoing orders…  Then, after a bit more brainstorming, it hit us—how about a new pair of Limited Edition sunglasses?  So, allow me to introduce Fat Tuesday Premiums.  Rock your Mardi Gras colors with crystal green frames, gold lenses, and a purple velour pouch; each pair also comes with a numbered edition card and some of those classic beads that you can use to glam up your costume.  And here’s a final reason to make merry: we’re going to treat this limited edition like one giant king cake: there will only be 100 pairs made, but hidden in one of the orders we ship out will be a little (somewhat-creepy) plastic baby trinket.  The lucky Knockaround fan who gets it will win one FREE pair of shades from our next limited edition!  Sacrebleu!  Let the party begin!  -Ace



Free Shipping for President’s Day!


In honor of President’s Day, Knockaround is offering free shipping on any orders placed by current and former U.S. Presidents. So if any of you Leaders of the Free World would like to get a great deal on classy sunglasses, belts, sweatshirts, or other Knockaround merchandise, simply place your order anytime on February 21st, use the promo code “presidentsday“, and the shipping’s on us… Well, wait a minute…on second thought, this holiday is so much fun for so many people, maybe we’ll just go ahead and extend the offer to everybody, not just the five people that would have been eligible otherwise. So happy President’s Day to everybody! Head over to the Knockaround SHOP and take advantage of this deal while you can!


R.K. Moyer’s Aviator Sunglasses


Last summer my dad sent me some photos of his dad’s WWII aviators which I posted on the blog, but yesterday I finally had the chance to photograph them here at Knockaround HQ using our professional photo set-up.  Classic design never goes out of style.  –Ace


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