04. 25. 2011

It’s Here! Miss Knockaround 2011!


Maybe you’ve always dreamed of winning a pageant, and then getting to strut around in a diamond tiara for a year.  But there can be so much hassle involved: you gotta try on a ton of sparkly dresses, buy a lot of scotch tape, dust off that gradeschool performance of Moonlight Sonata, speak your ideas about world peace into a microphone held by a jocky c-list celebrity in a tuxedo…I mean, who has time for all that stuff?  There’s really only one beauty competition that cuts right to the chase, asking one fundamental question: do you look good in your Knockaround sunglasses?  So to all of you lovely ladies out there who think you have what it takes, I am proud to announce the Miss Knockaround 2011 competition!  Read over the official rules here, and then send us a photo of yourself sporting Knockarounds; you could win the prestigious, year-long title that so many long for, plus some very cool merchandise.  And you don’t even have to wear a satin sash with your home state’s name printed on it (unless you want to, of course). –ACE


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