High Desert Premium (Not a) Cactus

It has come to our attention that some of the “Cactus Growing Kits” that came with the Limited Edition High Desert Premiums we launched back in May 2011, were not actually “Cactus Growing Kits,” but rather, “Unidentified Non-Cactus Plant Growing Kits.”  Our plant supplier (yeah, we have a plant supplier- what’s up) had mislabeled a bunch of the kits.

Although the non-cacti are very cool, I still want to make it up to any disappointed customers who really wanted a cactus.  So, if your “cactus” started to grow and you soon realized it was not a cactus, and are disappointed, send us an email with your name, order number, and a photo of the non-cactus plant and we’ll send you a free pair of previously unreleased “Grass Green” Premiums. -Ace



Limited Edition C-Note Fort Knocks!


Money. Cash. Scrilla. Loot. Currency. Bucks. Bills. Green. Lettuce. Bread. Bacon. Cheese. Cheddar. Paper. Dead Presidents. Scratch. Coin. Jack. Bones. Sawbucks. Simoleons. Dinero. Tender. Greenbacks. Dough. Moolah. Limited Edition C-Note Fort Knocks. Only 500 pairs will be sold. 499 pairs come with a $1 bill. 1 pair comes with a $100 bill. And, everybody knows, it’s all about the Benjamins. Baby. -Ace

Only $38. Available now in the Knockaround SHOP.


Are you the next Ace?

I founded Knockaround in 2005.  I had just started grad school in San Diego, and was busy making art, so Knockaround was more of a hobby to me at the time.  The business grew slowly those first few years.  But when I graduated in 2008, I decided I wanted to get serious about Knockaround.  I began to dedicate all of my free time to my young sunglasses business.  In 2009, after running the company out of my garage for a few years, I realized I was going to need a boost to take things to the next level.  Enter Imprint Venture Lab.  Imprint is a firm that provides seed stage investment to small, creative companies like Knockaround.  The money that they put into Knockaround allowed me to overhaul the website, move into a (much-needed) bigger office space, and put into place a business structure that would allow for long term growth.  But beyond the cash, Imprint also provided me with resources and advice that have helped me make important business decisions along the way.

Why am I bringing this up now?  Because Imprint is looking for their next company to invest in.  Watch this video.  Do you have a good idea they might be interested in?  Let them know about it. And tell them Ace sent you.  –Ace


We have a winner!


Ho Ho Ho-ld up!  Christmas in July!?  …er… August?!  You better believe it.  Congratulations to Michael M. from Stanhope, New Jersey, whom the public has voted Mr. Knockaround 2011.  Michael, you have won $300 worth of Knockarounds and the title of “Mr. Knockaround 2011.”  Down the stretch, Santa Mike accumulated massive amounts of votes; 2nd place wasn’t even close.  When Michael isn’t entering beauty contests put on by sunglass companies, he enjoys dressing up like Santa Claus, mixing up a cocktail, and sitting outside by his gas grill (this is seriously all he does.)  Hey Mike, Adidas called, they want you for their “All Day I Dream About Santa” campaign.  My favorite thing in this photo: the lone tiki torch perched in front of the wire fence.  Party time!  Seriously though, Knockarounds make great Christmas presents.  -Ace


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