Knockaround x Tucker Blair Needlepoint Belts


I’ve always liked the look of needlepoint belts- traditional and collegiate, while at the same time, colorful and lighthearted.  Kind of like Knockarounds.  That’s why I was excited when our friends at Tucker Blair said they were down to work with us on this special collaborative project. Featuring our tortoise shell Fort Knocks on a light green background, these belts are hand-stitched and finished with full-grain leather and brass hardware.  They are available now, in very limited quantities, in the Knockaround SHOP.  Pick one up today.  -Ace


Pop-up Shop at Double Break: Recap

Last Thursday, September 15, Knockaround held a pop-up shop at Double Break, an art gallery and shop on 5th Avenue in San Diego.  As you can see, the joint was jumpin’ with a friendly crowd, a table full of shades, and the Knockaround Gorilla hanging out in the front window (luring in curious newcomers from the block party outside).  What’s more, there was plenty of green to be seen, especially in the form of the Astro Turf—a tasty mint beverage made in honor of National Crème de Menthe Day.  A good time was had by all!  -Ace


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