Limited Edition Showdown: The FINAL 2!


This is it!  We’re down to the FINAL 2 pairs in the 2012 Knockaround Limited Edition Showdown.  I’m no psychic, but I had a hunch that one of these two pairs would be the winner…  those dark and mysterious Deep Sea Premiums vs. the bright and youthful Primary Premiums.  This could be a close one!

The #7 seed Primary Premiums have had an amazing journey to the Finals.  Upsetting Werewolf Premiums (the first L.E. ever!) in the first round, the Primaries went on to take down Honeybee Premiums, which was a huge upset, considering Snoop Dogg has a pair of Honeybees.  In the semi-finals, Primary Premiums overcame major adversity to put away Bird of Paradise Premiums (we call them “BOPs”) and advance to the Final.

The #2 seed Deep Sea Premiums have had a much easier and straightforward journey in the showdown thus far.  They blew by the High Deserts in round 1, crushed the #1 seed Bring Back the Brown Fort Knocks, and brushed off the inter-galactic Nebulas as if they were some space dust on a satellite dish.  If you recall, each pair of Deep Sea Premiums came with a small plastic squid figurine- so you might say that the Deep Seas are only one round away from inking their name in Knockaround history.

Deep Sea vs. Primary.  It all comes down to this.  So, VOTE NOW.   And after you vote, be sure to enter your email address in the form below to automatically put yourself in the running for one of the five remaining prizes!  -Ace




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