Limited Edition Lucky Premiums!


I’m not really a superstitious guy, and I know they say a pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck.  But you never know what the universe has in store, so I like to have all my bases covered: when I step out, I make sure I take along everything I need.  And it looks like this is your day, because now you can run through the whole checklist with me—right after you slip on a pair of the all-new Limited Edition Lucky Premiums.

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Knockaround x The LXM PRO Tour


I’m a big lacrosse fan.  I grew up on the East Coast, where lacrosse is ingrained in the culture.  When I moved to Southern California back in 2005, I was happy to see that there was a solid lacrosse scene, and plenty of guys that were passionate about growing the sport.

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FREE SHIPPING: Congrats, Grads!


I love graduations. The pomp, the circumstance… the parties.  And in my opinion, there’s nothing that goes better with a tasseled cap than a fly pair of Knockarounds. So, reward yourself with a pair of Knockarounds to wear on the big day. How about a CUSTOM pair in your school’s colors?  Or maybe classic, matte black Fort Knocks to match your gown. Well, it’s really up to you.  But we’re making the decision to pick up a new pair easier by offering FREE SHIPPING, all day today.  Just use the promo code “graduation” during checkout.  So, go ahead.  It’s been four long years.  You’ve earned it.  -Ace


Ace’s Pepper-Mint Julep


In honor of today’s big horse-racing event, I’ve created a signature Kentucky Derby cocktail.  It’s a straightforward mint julep, but with a dash of my favorite soda pop, Dr. Pepper.  I call it “Ace’s Pepper-Mint Julep.”  Mmm, delicious.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to change into my seersucker suit.  Then, I’m off to watch the ponies.  -Ace


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