04. 17. 2013

The 2013 Knockaround Red Jacket

Every year, mid-way through April, I give away a red jacket, like the one pictured above, to a fan who exemplifies everything that our company is all about.  The Knockaround Red Jacket features a classic, tailored fit, vintage silver buttons, and our iconic “Superblend with Ace on Base” patch under the front chest pocket.

It is my great honor to present the 2013 Knockaround Red Jacket to Mr. Miguel Gonzalez.

Miguel currently resides in San Francisco, California and is a die-hard Knockaround fan.  In the last two years, Miguel has placed 24 orders (yes, that’s one a month).  He’s always active and engaged on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But more importantly, he’s been an amazing brand ambassador.  In the past year he has even gotten Bun B and Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter and Square) wearing Knockarounds.  Miguel knows how to spread the word.

So, thank you, Miguel.  Enjoy the jacket.  I hope you look good in red.  -Ace



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