LXM PRO: Las Vegas Recap


The LXM athletes were in Las Vegas this past weekend for their final stop of 2013. Maverik United was down by three games in the series behind Team STX, and undoubtably wanted a win.

The first quarter started off strong with back and forth goals, leaving the score at 4 – 4 going into the second quarter. Two crucial goals from Maverik United’s Aaron Prosser and Erik Krum gave Maverik their first lead of the game. After an opposing goal from Sam Bradmand, the game stood at 6 – 5 at the completion of the first half.

Team STX hit their stride at the beginning of the half, scoring 4 fast goals with no answer from Maverik United. By the fourth quarter Maverik trailed by a sizable deficit, but slowly they worked their way back into the competition with help from their all-star offense, Erik Krum, Billy Bitter, and Whit McCarthy. After taking the lead, Maverik United held off Team STX to claim the 13 – 12 victory.

After the game the players signed autographs for fans at the official Knockaround Autograph Session. Players also handed out custom LXM x Knockaround Premiums in their team colors!


LXM PRO: Tucson Recap

The LXM PRO athletes were scheduled for another matchup in Tucson, AZ this past weekend, but due to harsh weather conditions the game was canceled. Making the most of an upsetting situation, the LXM players held indoor clinics for the youth teams. The schedule is set to resume on December 7th in Las Vegas.


LXM PRO: Dallas Recap

Team STX and Maverik United were in Dallas this past weekend with the 7th game of the LXM ATS. Down, 4 – 2 in the series, Maverik United was seeking a ‘W’.

STX had a powerful start to the game, leading off with a 5 goal run. A goal from each of their top players including Kyle Harrison, Xander Ritz, and Sam Bradman, along with two goals from Peter Baum set them up with a nice lead. Maverik United put up a fight throughout the rest of the first half. A goal from Shamel Bratton, Aaron Prosser, and Sean Lindsay put the team back in the game, but Team STX retaliated with another two goals, leaving the game 7 -3 at the half.

Maverik United had a blast of energy at the beginning of the second half, with three back to back goals. At the end of the 3rd quarter Maverik United trailed by only two goals, 8 – 6. A late hat trick from Billy Bitter brought Maverik United within one, but the clock expired and Team STX took the win, 10 – 9.

After the game, fans attended the official Knockaround Autograph Session to meet their favorite players and grab a pair of custom LXM x Knockaround sunglasses!


LXM PRO: Atlanta Recap

The LXM PRO Tour was in Atlanta this past weekend with the sixth matchup of the season. Team STX was up 3 – 2 in the series, and Maverik United was looking to tie things up.

A slow first half left the teams tied 7 to 7 at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. A strong 3rd quarter from Maverik United would put them up 13 – 9. A goal from Brandon Corp of Maverik United would start off an intense 4th quarter.

Maverik’s defense could not keep up with a late comeback from Team STX. Xander Ritz and Kyle Harrison went on an eight-goal run late in the second half, with no response from Maverik United. Once at a five-goal deficit, Team STX came back in the 4th quarter to bring the game to a tie with a little over five minutes to play.

A crucial goal from Max Ritz would give Team STX the lead. Maverik United didn’t have enough to fight off the power players from STX, and the game ended 18 – 16 in favor of Team STX.

After the game, the players signed autographs for fans at the official Knockaround Autograph Session. A few lucky fans went home with custom LXM PRO x Knockaround Premiums.

The tour is headed to Texas for the next game in the series.


LXM PRO: Sacramento Recap

This past weekend the LXM ATS returned to California. Maverik United and Team STX were tied 2 – 2 in the series, which would set a competitive battle to take the series lead in Sacramento.

Back and forth goals throughout the fist half made for an evenly matched fight. Just before the half Maverik United’s Nick Tintle was out on a cross-checking penalty, giving Team STX the advantage at the start of the second half.

Team STX led 5 – 4 as the players headed into the third quarter. STX maintained their command through the quarter, but never exceeded a two goal lead. For every STX goal, Maverik United responded with a goal of their own. Entering the fourth quarter, Team STX was up 9 – 8.  Crucial saves from Matt Russell in combination with a pair of goals from Davy Emala and Sam Bradman would put Team STX up, 12 – 9. STX closed out the game with a 12 – 10 win.

Post-win, Matt Russell, Team STX goalie, tended to a broken thumb, a mid-game injury! The rest of the players made their way to the official Knockaround Autograph Session. They met with fans, signed LXM x Knockaround posters, and handed out custom LXM x Knockaround sunglasses to a few lucky youth players.

Next stop, Atlanta.


LXM PRO: Orem Recap

After a nice month-long break, the LXM PRO’s were headed to Utah for the fourth stop of the LXM ATS. Both teams donned new Champion uniforms, along with custom LXM x Knockaround Premiums. A beautiful venue among the Wasatch Mountains set the stage for an exciting night in Orem.

Maverik United had a strong start, leading 8 – 3 at the end of the first quarter. Team STX came back with a powerful attack from fan favorites, Xander Ritz and Peter Baum, however STX fell short of a lead by the end of the first half. The teams left the field at the half, 10 – 8 in favor of Maverik United.

The second half was hard fought by Team STX. After gaining the lead, Team STX was threatening another win, but two quick goals from Johnny Christmas would put Maverik United up by two with under a minute remaining in the game. A late goal from Sam Bradman of Team STX was not enough to clinch a victory and Maverik United took the game 20 – 19.

Following the game, fans enjoyed a meet-and-greet with the professional players at the Knockaround Autograph Session. A few lucky fans got a pair of the custom LXM x Knockaround sunglasses, and went home with autographed posters and jerseys.

Only a week before the next tour stop. LXM ATS heads back to the Golden State for the next game of the series. You can catch the game on October 5th in Sacramento.


LXM PRO: Chicago Recap

The Naperville Polo Fields in Chicago, Illinois played host to the third matchup between Team STX and Team Maverik United. The addition of Shamel and Rhamel Bratton to Maverik United was sure to shake things up, as Maverik was looking for their first win of the LXM PRO Tour.

Maverik United had an aggressive start, leading the goal count at the half, 10 – 5. Three key goals after the half put Maverik up 13 – 5. Team STX needed to make a move, but even four unanswered goals from Kyle Harrison, Xander Ritz, and Peter Baum, couldn’t get the job done. Maverik United closed the game with strong defense and landed their first victory of the season, 17 – 11.

After the game, the PRO players signed custom Knockaround x LXM PRO posters for their young fans at the official Knockaround Autograph Session. Each player wore their favorite pair of Knockarounds while interacting with their star-struck fans.

The players will have time to rest before the next stop in Utah at the end of September.



Adrenaline Showcase: Attending Recruiters

Knockaround is pleased to be sponsoring the Adrenaline Showcase, one of the premier NCAA and MCLA lacrosse recruiting events in the country.

Top college coaches will be gathering for a long weekend in Sonoma, California– taking place Thursday, July 11th- Friday, July 12th. They will be scouting talent and selecting the next crop of big-time lacrosse players.


LXM PRO: San Diego Recap

The second stop of the LXM PRO Tour took place at the Del Mar Polo Fields in Del Mar, California. Right up the street from Knockaround HQ and Adrenaline HQ, this event was perfect for local fans.

Young players had the chance to attend shooting clinics hosted by the professional players before the the big game. Once 2 o’clock struck, it was time for the main event.

After STX’s victory in Orange County a few weeks prior, Maverik United was looking for a win. Both teams started off with a strong game, tied 8 – 8 at the half. The second half was a high-intensity, and high-scoring couple of quarters. Although Maverik United played strong defense, they couldn’t fight off Team STX. With a final score of 21 – 16, Team STX had a second win under their belts.

Max Ritz, Shamel Bratton, and Sam Bradman led Team STX with four goals a piece. While powerful attack, Erik Krum, led Team Maverik United with 4 goals of his own.

The official Knockaround Autograph Session followed the game with young fans eagerly awaiting the signatures of their favorite players. While the players cooled down and refueled, they spent time signing custom Knockaround x LXM PRO posters for their fans.

Next stop, Chicago.


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