The Pow! Wow! Interviews: Madsteez

Check out this video we shot with Madsteez while we were in Hawaii for the Pow! Wow! 2014 street art festival. Get some insight into how he works, and what it’s like to paint four big Elvis heads. Visit to see more of Madsteez’s work.


Video Recap: Pow! Wow! Hawaii! 2014

On Monday we launched our second collaboration with Pow! Wow! Hawaii!, a week long street art festival on the island of Oahu. Watch the video to see artists from around the world add a little color to the streets of Kaka’ako, and check out the limited edition sunglasses in the Knockaround SHOP.


Gift Idea: The Marshmallow Blaster Bundle

The Marshmallow Blaster Bundle includes a pair of Matte White / Smoke Fort Knocks, a pair of Matte Black / Smoke Fort Knocks, and your very own Marshmallow Blaster. Available now in the Knockaround SHOP.



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