Knockaround Class Acts

On November 1st, 2013, Knockaround introduced Knockaround Class Acts, an ongoing campaign which aims to donate money, resources, and art supplies to underfunded elementary schools. Art is a crucial part of companies like Knockaround and plays a significant role in our daily surroundings. That is why it is so important for us to show young people the artistic career opportunities available to them in the future.

The Knockaround crew visited three elementary schools in San Diego to teach a short art lesson and let the students design their own pair of sunglasses. We received over 300 design submissions. Vanessa, a 5th-grader, produced the winning design; Limited Edition Nacho Sunglasses.

The glasses were pre-sold on during the month of November, and we raised over $20,000 in donations! 100% of the money raised during our November campaign will be given back to the participating elementary schools, and ArtReach, our partnering non-profit organization which facilitates art education in underfunded elementary schools around San Diego.

Even though we’re starting locally, we hope Class Acts can one day expand to be a nationwide program, promoting art education in schools all across the country!



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