-Where does the name Knockaround come from?

Growing up, Ace’s dad, Dennis, would refer to some of his clothing or accessories as his “knockarounds”– so he had “knockaround sneakers” that he kept in the garage and used to wear when he mowed the lawn. He would wear his “knockaround jacket” when he was shoveling snow. Knockarounds were tough, classic and durable. When Ace started his sunglasses company the name “Knockaround” was a natural fit.

– Wow, pretty awesome- so does Dennis have a major equity stake in the company in return for this invaluable contribution?

Alas, no- the company is owned by Ace and his investors- but Ace’s dad does look forward to one day receiving a beautiful, classic 1962 Thunderbird Sports Roadster (preferably red- black is cool, too…), which would be ample reward for (i) his creative genius, (ii) almost 30 years of financial support and (iii) almost 32 years (and counting…) of love!

-What does ACE ON BASE mean?

It all begins with The Magnum P.I. s: a tv and movie-theme song cover band Ace played in during college. By his own admission, the band was not very good, so they had to depend on gimmicks—costumes, videos, fake blood. At one show the band decided they’d have Ace slide over from keyboard to bass guitar during a song. The lead singer, Matt Coors, said, “Ace on bass,” and nodded to the instruments. It rhymed. It rang. It stuck. “Ace on bass” quickly became “Ace on Base,” and soon people were asking, “you on your base today, Ace?”

Ace has been on base ever since.

With absolutely no relation or reference to the seminal 90’s Swedish adult contemporary techno-pop band Ace of Base, “Ace on Base” has confused and endeared an entire generation of friends. How could it not be the Knockaround message?

-Adam went to art school- what does his art look like?

Adam’s artwork can be perused at adammoyer.com.



-Where can I buy Knockarounds?

Check out our stockists in select cities, if you can’t find one nearby, place an order through our website.

-What forms of payment does Knockaround.com accept?

We accept most major credit cards and debit cards.



-I tried to make custom sunglasses on my own and broke one pair in the process?  Can you help?

No, sorry.  We don’t recommend that you try to make custom Knockarounds on your own because the arms or lenses might break in the process.  Luckily, though, in our CUSTOM shop, you can design a pair of Premiums or Fort Knocks, and we will do all the work.  That way you don’t have to worry about any breakage!

-How will I know if Knockaround sunglasses fit my face?

If you are unsure about whether the size of the sunglasses will work for your face, we suggest you take note of the product dimensions listed on the individual product pages. Compare these dimensions with the dimensions of other eyewear that have worked for you in the past.


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