Knockaround Custom: FAQ


If you have a question about our Custom sunglasses program, hopefully you will be able to find the answer here.  If you don’t, feel free to email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  -ACE

How long will it take for my Custom sunglasses to arrive?

We ship out Custom orders within 5 business days.  You will receive a shipping email confirmation with a tracking number once your order has shipped.

I want to order Custom sunglasses and a non-custom product.  Will I have to wait longer for the non-custom product to ship, too?

At the most, you’d have to wait five (5) more business days than expected.  Our normal estimated shipping time for orders is 1-2 days while the shipping time for Custom orders is 5 days.  Everything in your Custom order will ship together and within 5 business days.

I’m not sure about the colors I chose for my Custom sunglasses… will I be able to return them if I don’t like them?

No, sorry.  All Knockaround Custom sunglasses are hand-assembled to your exact specifications, and so we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.  We also won’t be able to make any cancellations or adjustments to your order once it has been placed.  So, please be sure you really like your design before you click “Add to Cart.”

When my Custom sunglasses arrive will they look exactly like they did on my computer screen?

Although we try our best to match the design you create on to your actual assembled sunglasses, there can be slight color variations between what you see on the computer screen and the finished product that arrives to your door.  Keep this in mind when you order… if you need an exact color match, you should email us first to see if that is possible.

Can I print a custom phrase on the glasses?

Sorry, at this time we do not do custom printing on the glasses.

Can I make Knockaround Custom designs on my iPod and iPad?

Yes.  Our Custom design interface works on Apple mobile devices.



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