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11. 30. 2011

GO App

Recently I’ve been using this new mobile app called GO.

It’s free and you can download it in the iTunes store.


Maybe you’ve read about GO on Tech Crunch or Forbes.com as a tool to provide on-the-scene coverage of newsworthy events as they happen.  But I actually like the way jeffstaple has been using it to document his daily footwear decisions.  I was thinking we could do something like that for Knockaround.

So, if you’re down, download the app.  The layout is intuitive so I think you’ll be able to figure it out pretty quickly.

Everyday, snap a photo of your Knockarounds- tag it “KNOCKAROUND” and broadcast it for the world to see.  You don’t even have to create a username if you don’t want to (although it’s an option)… you can just post as “anonymous.”


Visit http://goapp.tv/knockaround to see all of the Knockaround posts.  You’ll recognize my posts… username ACEONBASE.  -Ace


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