Knockaround Sponsoring Duplessis Racing #70 Ford Fiesta R2 Rally Car!


I am extremely pleased to announce that Knockaround has signed on as a supporting sponsor for the Duplessis Racing / LASCO Ford Fiesta R2 Rally Car, driven by #70, Chris Duplessis.

You’ve probably heard us mention Chris over the last year- that’s because he was cool enough to run Knockaround decals on his car last season, just because he’s a big fan of our sunglasses.  But this year, he’ll be driving in more events, and we wanted to support the cause, and make sure he had the resources to get to as many events as possible.  So we are officially signed on as a supporting sponsor.  This season, you’ll see Chris rocking Knockaround sunglasses (sometimes even when he races) and Knockaround decals on the hood of the Fiesta.

Chris’ #70 Ford Fiesta is two wheel drive, meaning he competes directly against other two wheel drive cars.  This year he’ll be competing in several Rally America events, along with a few WRC (World Rally Championship) events.  To those not familiar with rally racing, the WRC is essentially “the major leagues.”  Big time.

Chris has already participated in two Rally America events this season… and he’s won both.  That’s right: first place in his division at Sno-Drift and Rally in the 100 Acre Wood.  So he’s two for two.  And he didn’t just win those races.  He dominated those races.  But you don’t have to take my word for it- just look at what Ford Racing said.

So stay tuned:  we’ll be updating you on how Chris is doing all season.  We might even try to get to a race.  -Ace


Limited Edition Showdown: Round 2!








The 2012 Limited Edition Showdown!


It’s here. That special time in March where everyone goes mad over basketball. Knockaround wanted to get in on the fun, so we’ve created the ultimate battle royale to crown the best Limited Edition of all time.

Announcing the 2012 Limited Edition Showdown.

The first round of elimination starts today. Get ready for head to head battles of some of the greatest Limited Editions in Knockaround history. Only one LE can claim the championship belt, so don’t let your favorite get KNOCKed out.

It wouldn’t be fun if prizes weren’t involved. So, as a thank you for participating in the 2012 Limited Edition Showdown, Knockaround will be hooking up the voters with a slew of great Knockaround gear. After each round of competition, we will select a few participants, at random, to win one of many Ace-approved prizes.  A full list of prizes is below.

Polls close at noon PST on Friday, March 16th to decide the 1st round survivors, so get your votes in! Be sure to provide your email address so we can contact you if you’re a chosen winner. Best of luck to you and the Limited Editions.

Prize List: Can Hugger, Notebook Set, Lions Tigers Knit Cap, Greyscale 3-pack, Duffel bag filled with Premiums, Belt of your choosing, 1 artist proof* of the Law Enforcement, C-Note, Nebula, Deep Sea, Glacier, High Desert, Bubblegum, Honeybee, and Newsprint Limited Edition sunglasses.

*When we launch a new Limited Edition, we create about five artist proofs for our official archive. Artist proofs are excluded from the numbering of each limited edition, but are exactly like the editioned sunglass sets in every other respect. Each artist proof edition card is labeled “AP / XX”.










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