NEW: Orange ’77 SD Shorts!


With only a three year run in San Diego, it’s easy to see why most people have never heard of the San Diego Mariners hockey team.  However, when you consider that Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame was an owner and you take a look at that logo, you’ll soon wonder how anyone could have ever overlooked them.  Produced by our good friends at Streaker Sports, these orange shorts are made from a quick dry material and feature contrasting mesh pockets, an embroidered logo, and a “’77” detail by the waistband.  Let the salty lookin’ sea captain keep you company at the beach, the court, or while serving some time in the box. Available now in the Knockaround SHOP.


Did You Beat Ace’s Bracket?


Ace tied for 30th place! A tough year to Beat Ace’s Bracket, only 43 people beat or tied Ace’s bracket score, out of 1,750 brackets. A code for a FREE pair of Black / Moonshine Premiums has been emailed to the winners. Also, in 1st place was Amaris H, winning $500 in Knockaround store credit. 2nd place goes to Amy C, winning $250 in Knockaround store credit. And, 3rd place goes to Marissa F, winning $100 in Knockaround store credit.


Campus Rep Photo Quest


The Knockaround Campus Rep Photo Quest is a race against the clock between eight teams of Campus Reps scattered around the country. Each team must complete various photo challenges for a chance to win some sweet prizes at the end of the semester. Below are the 225 photo challenges and a link to each team’s photo entries.

Pie of the Tiger

Vampire Turtles

Sandstorm Badgers

     Bad Kitty

Thunder Chickens

Ghost Bunnies

Lightning Mice

Fire Breathing Ducks