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What Luck Knockmix


It’s almost St. Paddy’s day, and everyone knows that luck is a hot topic on March 17th. Whether you come from the Emerald Isle, or don’t have a drop of Irish heritage in you, there’s no avoiding the L word this time of year. But the idea of luck goes way beyond leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. People have been intrigued by luck and circumstance for thousands of years. Believe in it or not, it’s hard to avoid feeling joy when something positive comes by happenstance. For example: a luck-themed Knockmix gracing your ears on Friday the 13th.


Daft Punk feat. Pharrel Williams and Nile Rodgers with "Get Lucky”

Is Daft Punk the best French robot duo of all time? Yes. Will we ever look as cool as they do in their outfits? No. Will we ever get to see them without their masks on? Maybe if we get lucky.


Frank Sinatra with “Luck Be A Lady”

There are plenty of traditionally female names out there that have origins relating to luck, like Felicia, Lakshmi, and, Evangelene. If you’re looking for a “lucky” name for a boy though, Asher, Edmund, and Felix should all do the trick. If these aren’t workin’ for you, just keep looking—the list goes on and on!


The Knocks feat. Great Good Fine OK with "Lucky Me"

We like The Knocks around here. Any guesses why?


Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat with "Lucky”

Every Friday, we select a KnockFan to win a free pair of shades of their choice. All you’ve got to do to be considered is tag @knockaround in a cool photo that features your favorite pair of Knocks, and you could win! How lucky is that!


The Wood Brothers with "Luckiest Man"

Frane Selak, a Croatian man born in 1924, might be the luckiest man ever. He allegedly escaped death on seven occasions (including a train crash, a plane crash, a car explosion, a submerged bus, and multiple car accidents) from 1962 to 1995. Then he won—gave away—a lottery prize worth over a million dollars.


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with "You Got Lucky"

Tom’s awfully full of himself here when he tells his love interest, “You got lucky, babe, when I found you.” Kind of fitting though for a guy with a band called the “Heartbreakers.”


Madonna with "Lucky Star"

Born on Saturday, August 16, 1958, Madonna’s astrological sun sign is “Leo.” According to folks in the horoscopic realm, this means she (and everyone else born between July 23 and August 22) is a particularly lucky individual. That’s nice and all, but we’ve gotta say hard work probably played quite a large role in her success.


Jon Pardi with "Lucky Tonight”

There are plenty of good-luck traditions that surround St. Paddy’s Day, but one we can definitely get behind is “drowning the shamrock.” Dating back to the Saint himself, this tradition involves dunking a shamrock into a glass of whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day. After a toast, you polish off the drink and toss the shamrock over your left shoulder for good luck. Sounds good to us!


Lana Del Rey with "“Lucky Ones"

The largest Powerball prize ever was $1.586 billion, and was split between two people. You know, the lucky ones.


Neko Case with “Bad Luck”

Black cats, walking under ladders, spilling salt, breaking mirrors—there’s no shortage of superstitions surrounding bad luck. But you know what we say to that? Make your own luck and quit freaking out when you see the number 13. Speaking of which....


BONUS: Froggy Fresh with "Friday the 13th"

Hey! That’s today!


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