"I don't want this to be a John Mayer love-fest"

In the first ever Knockaround podcast (herein known simply as the "Knockcast") Knockaround's Founder and CEO, Adam "Ace" Moyer, and Knockaround's IT Project Manager, Wes Gates, get things rolling by discussing job title abbreviations. Ace mentions that the first Knockcast is being recorded on Black Friday, where the tradition is to order a "giant pizza."  

After a short discussion about the office fantasy football league, Ace and Wes discuss their broadcasting backgrounds and Wes reminisces about his live UStream show, "Rock Talk."

The next segment covers music and how it affects life at Knockaround... but, truthfully, the whole thing spirals into a John Mayer lovefest.

As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the USPS boxes that Ace's Mom ships to him on a regular basis. It's the first ever Knockcast! Take a listen to episode #1.


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