"Super Cross, Monster Jam, Super Cross, Monster Jam."

Ace and Wes kick off Knockcast 10 with a chat about rolling as a duo after six straight shows with guests and how 10 is a great number.  The two then discuss who their ultimate Knockcast guests would be, many of whom are already Knockaround fans.

Wes then tells the story of his "Instagram battle" with former NBA star, Gilbert Arenas.  Ace shares something similar that happened to him: the time Marc Ecko talked trash to him about the San Diego Chargers (via the @Knockaround account) on Twitter.   

Other topics covered on this week's Knockcast: the uncanny Ford Fusion / Aston Martin resemblance, early days of Knockaround's Instagram account, Franky, San Diego's great weather, multi-use stadiums and arenas, upcoming concerts, and POW! WOW! Hawaii (a week-long street art festival that is happening right now!)

"We don't need no stinkin' guests!"  Take a listen to Knockcast 10!


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