"Wes, they're called slurpees."

On this week’s Knockcast, Ace and Wes are joined by a member of Knockaround's customer service team, Frank. Frank joins Ace and Wes in discussing slurpees and 7-11, "doing surfing" in Imperial Beach, road trips to Vegas, dancing to the song "California Love", crazy nights on The Strip, Marco Rubio's hair, tanning salons, Wes putting out fires in his underpants, Frank's upcoming nuptials, the ugliest shirt in Knockcast history, and the best dressed employees at Knockaround HQ.  

Have a listen, because Knockcast #11 had Ace laughing so hard he was in tears!


Frank Zendejas Manotas Slurpee Versa California Love Hoover Dam Ace and Regan Double Decker Bus Clown Marco Rubio Fiery Tanning Booth
London Shirt MVMT Watch

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