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"It was bad. I can't eat Peeps anymore."

On this week’s Knockcast, Ace and Wes sit down with a crucial member of Knockaround's warehouse team, Jose Zambrano. Jose has several nicknames: "Gordo" (which he claims is very common), "Papa" (stemming from his banter on the Knocksack court), and "Chamoy" (based on his love for the Mexican condiment).  

Ace and Wes ask Jose why he left a supervisor position at The Home Depot to come work for Knockaround and what it's like working with his brotherand his cousin.  

The Knockcast closes out with discussions on Jose's (planned) full-arm Toy Story tattoo, buying beers for his (future) boss, where he keeps his dirty laundry, a recent Knocksquad "Park Party," and why Jose can no longer eat Peeps.  "At's ya boy, Chamoy!"  

Take a listen to Knockcast 14... it's a banger.


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