"How to draw all 50 states."

On this week’s Knockcast, Ace and Wes are once again joined by Knockaround's Director of Finance, Ed Rainey. The Knockcast kicks off by bringing to attention the suspicious solo cup full of garbanzo beans with a spoon sticking out of it that is sitting on Ace's desk. Ace explains that Wes is a notoriously picky eater, and the garbanzo beans are the latest edition of his Knockaround HQ food challenges. The three dudes touch back on Ed's possibly spurious celebrity stories, the daily comic strip Ace drew for his college newspaper, and everyone's plans for St. Patrick's Day.

Try to not be distracted by Ace eating an entire cup of garbanzo beans during the recording, and enjoy this week's Knockcast!


Ed Rainey Garbanzo Beans Bill Clinton Harmful if Swallowed: Garbanzo Bean Stare-down Harmful if Swallowed: Salmonella Harmful if Swallowed: Pet Snake

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