"Wes, where is your beard?"

Sweet 16! This week on the Knockcast, Ace and Wes are joined by Knockaround's Customer Service Manager, Keegan Dunford. St. Patrick's Day just happened, and Ace details how he spent his second favorite holiday of the year... by making Wes wear a Leprechaun costume and drive him to his favorite bar to watch the Virginia game for lunch. Everyone then predicts their NCAA champion for 2016, and Ace explains, even after having a great bracket years prior, why he didn't do one this year. From there we describe in great detail Keegan's beard and hair trimming schedule, and Ace asks Wes where his beard is. Finally, the three guys pick their favorite tourist spots in San Diego to take traveling family to. 

Keegan's headshot is right below this, so treat your eyes and ears with this weeks Knockcast!


Keegan Dunford Ace, Wes, and Ed Virginia Hot Chocolate 15k Craft Classic Keegan and Wes San Diego Zoo Balboa Park Coronado Bridge

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