"I have a Pacifico tank top."

On Knockcast #18, Knockaround’s Account Manager, Drew, is in the studio and Wes shows up late! C’mon Wes! When Wes finally does roll in, all frazzled and without a place to sit, he explains that he thought he could leave, drive 5 miles, order lunch, pick-up lunch, drive 5 miles back, eat lunch… in 12 minutes. C’mon Wes!

Once Ace calms down, the three discuss the new Pacifico 24oz. can, Dodgson from Jurassic Park, Wes's obsession with Car2Go, lunch techniques at Knockaround HQ, Stoney's Bar and Grill, the millionaire next door, bizarre foods, and the local neighborhood market.

The Knockcast ends with the group fielding some customer questions- including a mysterious question from a "Wes G." from San Diego, CA. Take a listen to Knockcast #18!


Pacifico Can Dodgson Jurassic Park Five Guys Car2Go Stoneys Fried Pig Ear Andrew Zimmerman San Diego Farmers Market Bird of Paradise, Manny. Knockaround LE Ford GT40 After the Storm Knockaround

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