"Why does your voice keep cracking, Wes?"

On Knockcast #19, Ace and Wes are (reluctantly) joined by Knockaround’s Marketing Coordinator, Franky!  Ace mentions that Franky did not get a job at Knockaround after his first interview several years ago.

The group then talks about artists that are not on Spotify, including Ace's artist of the moment, Bob Seger. Guess who is on Spotify though... Franky! The crew takes a listen to Franky's old band 'Comes the Horsemen', which is undoubtedly Ace's least favorite type of music.

The Knockcast ends with Ace getting into Wes and Franky's late night Cinco de Mayo antics and, like in Knockcast #18, Ace poses customer questions to Wes. That segment is now officially called "Three Qu-WES-tions." Take a listen to Knockcast #19!


Franky Bob Seger Comes the Horsemen Mission Brewery Bubs at the Ballpark Knockaround Hotdogs

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