"Don't drink a 'Don't Drink the Yellow Snow.' "

Knockcast #2 kicks off with Ace and Wes chatting about the feedback they received on Knockcast #1. After acknowledging they were a little heavy with the John Mayer discussion, Ace ponders whether a low-voiced “Oh yeah!” could be his catchphrase.

The duo then mix up this year’s holiday cocktail, the Kris Kringle Cranberry Cider, and it quickly becomes clear that Knockaround's 2015 adult beverage is much better than those of previous years (especially the Don’t Drink the Yellow Snow, Uncle Ace’s Famous Nutcracker Punch, and the Mistlefoot Stinger.)

Next, Wes shares his five worst potential promotions, several of which are simply tongue-twisters. The discussion turns to Christmas decorations, and a sad story of a Mom’s reaction when her front-yard inflatable holiday snow globe was stolen by a neighborhood ne'er-do-well.

Finally, Ace and Wes discuss previous Knockaround holiday gift exchanges (aka White Elephant Bingo), and how T-Pain has played an important role in the office for years.


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Clip On Man Bun Christmas Globe

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