"They're fattier, not flattier..."

It's Knockcast #20! Ace and Wes are joined by fan favorite Gordo "Jose" Zambrano! In an experiment proposed by Ace, Wes is hosting this Knockcast. There's no way that is going to go well.

The crew kicks things off by talking chicken wing philosophy. Do you know all three parts to a chicken wing? Gordo has bought a new whip since the last Knockcast. The crew talks about how jealous Ace is of this car. Since we're always talking about cars on the Knockcast, Wes sets up a little trivia pop-up quiz for Ace to guess the year, make, and model of a car based only on the pictures.

And, since Wes is hosting, we switch up a segment and ask the boss three "Qu-ACE-stions".

As an added bonus, this Knockcast features an additional, never-before-heard guest. Check out episode 20 of the Knockcast!


Gordo Flats Wes Kids Glasses
Gordo's Mustang 1969 Mustang Tony Martinez

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