"For our younger listeners, what is 'The Club'?"

On Knockcast #22, Ace and Wes are joined by Knockaround’s Digital Marketing Manager (say that three times fast), Jake.

Originally from Denmark, Jake explains how he wound up all the way in sunny San Diego, why he uses The Club on his vintage Toyota Corolla, and the reason he named his home “The Sky Fortress.”

Ace then brings up how he is more of a handy man than he looks, and the ballast-changing bonding experience he and Jake had earlier that day. (There was minimal fire… but there was fire. )

The group then discusses generic trademarks and the decades-old problem of genericide and trademark erosion. “Hey guys, let’s take a break from playing our gaming console and head outside to throw the flying disc. If anyone skins their knee I’ve got some bandages in my first aid kit.”

So take a listen to Knockcast #22... and also be sure to listen to Jake’s brainchild, the all-new Knockmix. Skål!


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