"This one is called Watermelon on Fire."

Ace and Wes start Knockcast #3 talking about the feedback they’ve received from fans on Twitter and Instagram. Wes gets some minor criticism, but says that it doesn’t bother him. Ace’s appearance is likened to Turtle from Entourage, and the two discuss a knock-off Knockcast called The Knockaround Podcast, which is available on iTunes.

The next topic of discussion is flying First Class. Ace recounts a story of the time he and Knockaround’s Production Manager, Regan, chose to upgrade to First Class on a flight back to San Diego… after several Heinekens and some paramedics, the flight finally took off.

Ace and Wes then talk about celebrities that wear Knockarounds, and what makes the “ideal” celebrity Knockaround sunglasses wearer. The conversation turns to the San Diego Chargers “theme” song, and other songs that are very specific to a sports team or geographic location.

The Knockcast closes with Wes pulling some of his favorite Class Acts designs, i.e. sunglasses designed by 4th and 5th graders. Check out those designs below, and stay tuned for Knockcast #4!


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