"Chewing on a Femur with Ace and Wes!"

On this week’s Knockcast, Ace and Wes interview Knockaround’s Director of Finance, Ed Rainey. As listeners will quickly find out, Ed has a very diverse and interesting background. Ed was born in Guam, played college baseball for an Ivy League school, got tattoos in Myrtle Beach, had a potbelly pig named Brandine, and has had unusual encounters with a wide range of celebrities.  And in the next 38 minutes, you can hear all about it.  So take a listen to Knockcast #5, the last one of 2015!


Ed Rainey Guam In the Navy Green Flash Brewery John Legend Back to the Future Black and Yellow Dolphin Tramp Stamp Brandine the Pig Mr. Rogers William Shatner Going the Distance Bill Fagerbakke Tim Allen Height David Hasselhoff Eddie George Redman Fletch Alladin Soundtrack
Jim Croce's Greatest Hits Chewing on a Femur

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