"This is a Knockcast, Donald. Not a therapy session."

On this week’s Knockcast, Ace and Wes chat with Donald Gould, Knockaround's Lead Designer. The show starts with Donald describing his first day back from the hospital after his birth. From there, Ace investigates Donald's love for motorcycles and old, unreliable cars. 

The next topics of conversation include Donald's various nicknames, best friends from grade school, and Knockaround's top drawers (the pencil and paper kind, not the furniture kind.)

Donald then shows off his tattoos (which is becoming a Knockcast guest trend) and talks about his love for karaoke. In fact, Donald seems to have a thing for being on stage (see the last photo in the grid below.)

Donald is an interesting dude, so take a listen to Knockcast #6!


Donald Gould Durango, CO Harley-Davidson 1963 Plymouth Valiant Boots Donald and Regan Regan's Drawing Wes's Drawing Donald's Drawing Ace's Drawing Wes and Donald's Tatoos Franky's Tatoo MC Escher It's Raining Men Old Donald

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