"Emily's the smart one. Caroline's the pretty one. Adam's the boy."

In the 8th edition of the Knockcast, Ace and Wes are joined by "The Founder's Father, Dennis Moyer (Ace's Dad.)  At the start of the show, Dennis unfolds the full page of notes that he brought into the studio and Ace explains how his Dad was the inspiration for the name "Knockaround."

Dennis then begins some storytelling, discussing Ace's college days and how he completed the "Trifecta" when all three of his kids attended the University of Virginia. Ace's Dad then tells the story of how he got roped into buying Ace a brand new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Ace and Dennis then think back on their first time being on TV, a PBS documentary called "The Children are Watching," hosted by Jane Seymour.

The show carries on into some stories that molded Ace into the CEO he is today. They involve being attacked by dogs (age 2), negotiating the sale of baseball cards (age 10), asking for autographs from famous race car drivers (age 16), and paying the mortgage (age 20).

Take a listen to Knockcast #8!


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