"Does anyone do scuba?!"

You know it’s going to be a good Knockcast when your guest enters the studio with a chocolate donut, a bag of string cheese, and craft beer in-a-can. Knockcast #9 focuses on Brogan Graham, one of the co-founders of November Project, “the free, grassroots fitness movement that’s taking over the world.”

Brogan (known as “BG” to his friends, and we are his friends), gets down and dirty with Ace and Wes, discussing a wide range of topics including (but not limited to): public speaking, rowing, Madison (WI), all-dairy diets, Ace’s high school crush, Ace's high school crush's twin sister, awkward white basketball players, The North Face, cults, Fight Club, spray-painted fitness clothing, spotting Knockarounds “in the wild”, yoga, California Dreamin’, deep dark secrets, and Brogan’s soon-to-be-released legit book.

Be sure to check out and follow @novemberproject on Instagram. And if you’re feeling gutsy, check out what BG is up to on Instagram, too: @brogan_graham.  This is probably the best 'cast yet, so take a listen!


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