Knockcast 9 – Brogan Graham -aka. “BG”

You know it’s going to be a good Knockcast when your guest enters the studio with a chocolate donut, a bag of string cheese, and craft beer in-a-can. Knockcast #9 focuses on Brogan Graham, one of the co-founders of November Project, “the free, grassroots fitness movement that’s taking over the world.”

Brogan (known as “BG” to his friends, and we are his friends), gets down and dirty with Ace and Wes, discussing a wide range of topics including (but not limited to): public speaking, rowing, Madison (WI), all-dairy diets, Ace’s high school crush, Ace's high school crush's twin sister, awkward white basketball players, The North Face, cults, Fight Club, spray-painted fitness clothing, spotting Knockarounds “in the wild”, yoga, California Dreamin’, deep dark secrets, and Brogan’s soon-to-be-released legit book.

Be sure to check out and follow @novemberproject on Instagram. And if you’re feeling gutsy, check out what BG is up to on Instagram, too: @brogan_graham.  This is probably the best 'cast yet, so take a listen!


Knockcast 8 – Ace’s Dad, Dennis Moyer

In the 8th edition of the Knockcast, Ace and Wes are joined by "The Founder's Father, Dennis Moyer (Ace's Dad.)  At the start of the show, Dennis unfolds the full page of notes that he brought into the studio and Ace explains how his Dad was the inspiration for the name "Knockaround."

Dennis then begins some storytelling, discussing Ace's college days and how he completed the "Trifecta" when all three of his kids attended the University of Virginia. Ace's Dad then tells the story of how he got roped into buying Ace a brand new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Ace and Dennis then think back on their first time being on TV, a PBS documentary called "The Children are Watching," hosted by Jane Seymour.

The show carries on into some stories that molded Ace into the CEO he is today. They involve being attacked by dogs (age 2), negotiating the sale of baseball cards (age 10), asking for autographs from famous race car drivers (age 16), and paying the mortgage (age 20).

Take a listen to Knockcast #8!


Knockcast 7 – Katie Akiba

Another Knockcast, another interesting guest courtesy of the Knockaround org chart. This week, Ace and Wes sit down with Knockaround's Director of Operations, Katie Akiba.

Hailing all the way from Edina, Minnesota, Katie chats about what brought her to SoCal and how she first learned about Knockaround. From there, the conversation turns to Turks and Caicos, Knockaround's previous HQ in National City, and the artwork hanging in the ladies room.  

The show ends with Katie discussing her admiration of J.Lo, Wes talking about his middle school fashion sensibilities, and Ace whining about not being able to play the guitar he "won" at a silent auction.  

This week's episode is chock full of down-home Midwest charm, so take a listen!


Knockcast 6 – Donald Gould

On this week’s Knockcast, Ace and Wes chat with Donald Gould, Knockaround's Lead Designer. The show starts with Donald describing his first day back from the hospital after his birth. From there, Ace investigates Donald's love for motorcycles and old, unreliable cars. 

The next topics of conversation include Donald's various nicknames, best friends from grade school, and Knockaround's top drawers (the pencil and paper kind, not the furniture kind.)

Donald then shows off his tattoos (which is becoming a Knockcast guest trend) and talks about his love for karaoke. In fact, Donald seems to have a thing for being on stage (see the last photo in the grid below.)

Donald is an interesting dude, so take a listen to Knockcast #6!


Knockcast 5 – Ed Rainey

On this week’s Knockcast, Ace and Wes interview Knockaround’s Director of Finance, Ed Rainey. As listeners will quickly find out, Ed has a very diverse and interesting background. Ed was born in Guam, played college baseball for an Ivy League school, got tattoos in Myrtle Beach, had a potbelly pig named Brandine, and has had unusual encounters with a wide range of celebrities.  And in the next 38 minutes, you can hear all about it.  So take a listen to Knockcast #5, the last one of 2015!



Knockcast 4 – Drew Lewis

This week, Ace and Wes are joined by Drew, Knockaround’s Senior Account Manager. To kick off the show, the guys discuss company nicknames and Drew’s unfortunate toenail loss during an early Knocksack game.

As the show continues, Drew consumes several beverages (tea, water, and two types of beer) and the group discusses skiing and snowboarding in Southern California. The Knockaround holiday party will be starting right after the Knockcast is done recording- what’s this year’s theme? What music will be on the playlist?

Speaking of music, Ace declares that his singing voice has improved on its own in the last two years. As the show wraps up, Wes shares his thoughts on the new Star Wars movie, and the group talks about scary Disney movies.


Knockcast 2 – Ace and Wes

Knockcast #2 kicks off with Ace and Wes chatting about the feedback they received on Knockcast #1. After acknowledging they were a little heavy with the John Mayer discussion, Ace ponders whether a low-voiced “Oh yeah!” could be his catchphrase.

The duo then mix up this year’s holiday cocktail, the Kris Kringle Cranberry Cider, and it quickly becomes clear that Knockaround's 2015 adult beverage is much better than those of previous years (especially the Don’t Drink the Yellow Snow, Uncle Ace’s Famous Nutcracker Punch, and the Mistlefoot Stinger.)

Next, Wes shares his five worst potential promotions, several of which are simply tongue-twisters. The discussion turns to Christmas decorations, and a sad story of a Mom’s reaction when her front-yard inflatable holiday snow globe was stolen by a neighborhood ne'er-do-well.

Finally, Ace and Wes discuss previous Knockaround holiday gift exchanges (aka White Elephant Bingo), and how T-Pain has played an important role in the office for years.


Limited Edition Werewolf 2015 Premiums

Our very first pair of Limited Editions…ever…were the Werewolf Classic Premiums. This Limited Edition pair spawned from the fact that we had pieces of sunglasses we couldn’t use but began piecing together parts that we could use to build this very unique pair. The edition size was 20 pairs and they sold out in about an hour. Fast forward to 2015, the Limited Editions have become a core part of the Knockaround brand.

Roughly 50 Limited Editions later, we present the Limited Edition Werewolf 2015 Premiums. Built using our new Premiums frame, the Werewolf 2015’s still feature chocolate brown fronts, reflective gold lenses, and our glow-in-the-dark Knockturnal arms with new “silver bullet” metal K logos. Each pair comes in a special stamped box with a faux werewolf fur protective pouch.


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