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Fast Lanes

Slate Tortoise Shell / Sky Blue

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Eye Protection for the Protectors of the Community

For most of us, the riskiest part of the day is our commute. For law enforcement, that’s the safest. Our communities are safer because of the people who put themselves in harm’s way.

These courageous individuals need shades with a timeless design and supreme UV protection. Knockaround’s best sunglasses for law enforcement feature everything from sleek and rounded to wide rectangular lenses.

Multiple styles mean multiple looks. For something classic, try out Mount Evans or Mile Highs. For something modern and sleek, go for Torrey Pines or Fast Lanes. Every option comes with FDA-approved impact resistant lenses, lightweight but durable frames, and peace of mind.

Routine traffic stops and neighborhood patrols are no match for Knockaround sunglasses that can handle any task. But their job doesn’t end when an officer is off duty. Hanging up that uniform for the day doesn’t mean leaving those favorite shades behind. All of our sunglasses were made for everyday wear―they’re tough enough to survive constant use and stylish enough to look good with more than just a badge.