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Anti-Glare for the Guards of the Beach

You have a lot of responsibilities. Lives are in your hands, and people are counting on you. This is no time to be readjusting ill-fitting sunglasses that do very little to block out the distracting glare. You need shades that do their job so that you can do yours.

We’ve compiled a collection of Knockaround’s best sunglasses for lifeguards, from our classic aviator Mile Highs to wide lens Torrey Pines and sleek Fast Lanes. Every pair is made for an active life. They’re lightweight but durable, provide UV400 protection, and all lenses are FDA-approved impact resistant.

Sunglasses for lifeguards should have one very important feature: polarized lenses. When you’re scanning the coastline or overlooking the pool, you’re competing with the sun’s rays, and a moment of hesitation can mean you’re a moment too late. Polarized lenses have a specialized filtering effect that cuts down on the harsh glare from the water. Better visibility means a better chance of spotting danger and taking action in time. All of the sunglasses in our Lifeguard Collection offer a polarized option or are already polarized, like our Mount Evans.

While you’re protecting lives, you want to look good too, right? Knockaround has you covered. Multiple frame and lens color combinations make it hard to choose, but easy to fall in love. The best part? Our shades look so good, you can wear them when you’re not on the job, too. So dive into our collection, pick a few pairs, then take your place on that lifeguard chair and put them to work.