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Cool Sunglasses

The other side of the pillow has nothing on these shades.

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Seventy Nines

Beverly Peach

$21.75 Regular price $29.00

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Paso Robles

Glossy Sangria / Rose Gold

$17.25 Regular price $23.00


Mary Janes

Pink Lemonade

$25.50 Regular price $34.00


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Cool Sunglasses from Knockaround

When it comes to sunglasses, we know some of you don’t give a hoot about polarization, UV rating, injection molding, or other technical terms. You just want something that looks cool, lasts, and hopefully doesn’t blow your entire savings. Well, at Knockaround, you can have it all! Our team has personally selected a collection of cool sunglasses that were made for sunny days. Wear these stylish shades to the boardwalk, the park, the beach, the track, or anywhere else you need swanky eyewear. You can even wear them at night—we won’t judge you! With prices starting at $19, guys and gals can both look cool on a budget.

These sweet sunglasses come from all of our most popular lines. There’s no complicated formula for how we pick them—they just look cool. And we think the right pair will look pretty awesome on your face as well. We have black and sunset Classics, tortoise shell and green Fort Knocks, green and rose gold Mai Tais, and other dazzling frame and lens combinations. Not only do we have the colors to match your skin tone and favorite shirt, but we have the sunglasses shapes to fit any head type as well. A pair of shades that looks great on its own and brings out your best features? Count us in!

We know you’re not here to get into the nitty-gritty of how sunglasses are made. But let us just assure you our sunglasses are made of quality materials that offer great eye protection, fit, and durability. Here, you can get a lasting pair of cool sunglasses for a fraction of the cost of other big brands. We have free shipping on orders over $40 as well, so buy two or three pairs and have something eye-catching for every occasion. We’ve been bringing affordability to SoCal cool since 2005, and look forward to helping you find the right shades.

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