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We let our imaginations run a little wild here. 

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Collect Them All: Limited Edition Knockarounds

Here at Knockaround, we’re all about finding new ways to wear good-looking shades, and we strive to create designs that make you want to wear yours all day and all night. Limited edition Knockaround sunglasses are perfect for the wearer who’s sick of the same old sunglass status quo. Each release is 100 percent unique—perfect for anyone who thinks of their sunglasses not as a necessity, but as a conversation-starter; every pair of limited edition Knockarounds has its own cool vibe and look guaranteed to turn heads no matter where you sport your shades.

We pick limited edition themes based on awesome eras—our Summer of Love tie-dye sunglasses and ‘50s-inspired Doo Wop Diners are a few good examples—as well as movies, places, and just generally awesome themes. But here’s the thing: Our limited-edition sunglasses are, of course, limited. So if you see a pair of stylish shades that you love, make sure to snatch ‘em up quick before they’re sold out. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to see what’s in store or coming up in the nearest future.

It’s All About Unboxing
The coolest thing about our limited-edition shades is, naturally, the shades themselves. But we make the whole thing an experience with a custom pouch and a special insert item. For example, you might unbox your Knockarounds to find a sweet patch, button, custom sticker, hand flag, or another cool accoutrement that complements the theme of your stylish shades. Serious collectors out there will appreciate that our limited-edition sunglasses also come with a hand-numbered edition card so that you can keep track of and authenticate your whole collection.

For even more sweet, unique and stylish shades, check out our entire special releases selection.

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