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Mile Highs

The Mile Highs feature classic tear drop lenses made famous by pilots during World War II.

Mile Highs

Mile Highs XL

Gunmetal / Sunset Mile Highs XL


Silver / Smoke Mile Highs XL


Gold / Aqua Mile Highs XL


Black / Smoke Mile Highs XL


Gunmetal / Green Moonshine Mile Highs XL


Gold / Aviator Green Mile Highs XL


Knockaround Mile Highs

We never said that your sunglasses have to be overachievers, but our Knockaround Mile High sunglasses pretty much set the standard. These shades are well-equipped for anything—they’re polarized aviators, after all—and are made with durable, long-lasting components that’ll keep them (and you) flying high in the long run. Each pair of Knockaround Mile Highs features slim, metal frames in the same teardrop-shaped silhouette made famous by World War II pilots. And to keep you glare free at any altitude, all Mile Highs come with polarized lenses.

With six colors available, these unisex aviator sunglasses are perfect for pretty much any kind of look, occasion, and mood. Keep it classic with a gold or silver metal frame, or add a punch of poppy color with sunset or green moonshine lenses. If you’re all about classic aviators, scoop up a pair of the silver / silver smoke (silver-framed, silver lens sunglasses) or our best-selling gold / aviator green coloway—it’s hard to go wrong with these evergreens. And for those of you who prefer oversized sunglasses, we developed an awesome line of larger aviators…meet the Mile High XL; perfect for people who love the shape and style of the original but need something extra.

Mile High XL: Oversized Aviators for Oversized Personalities
Prefer your sunglasses a little larger? Check out our Knockaround Mile High XL collection—a larger take on the traditional Mile Highs. These are our favorite huge aviators for people who love things, you know, larger than life. Each pair features a slightly larger and more rounded aviator-shaped lens, which offers a more refined look and more comfort for people with larger face shapes. Plus, they’re a good choice for anyone who just plain loves the look of bigger frames. These sunglasses also feature impact-resistant, polarized lenses at no extra cost. There’s a reason this larger frame style is one of our fan favorites!


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