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Great Gear to Match Your Sunglasses

There’s no better way to show your enduring love for your favorite sunglasses maker than with this Knockaround gear. Handpicked and designed by our team, these goods are perfect for showing your Knockaround pride. Here you’ll find sensible sunglasses accessories—who doesn’t want a comfy sunglasses strap so you never lose your best pair of shades again?—plus stylish and unique items to add to your cache.

If your goal is to add some cool accessories to your collection of special release sunglasses, then you’ll love our lineup of limited release gear. We’ve got posters, pins, balls, signs, buttons, sunglasses caddies, stickers, and other great pieces that you can use to show your sense of style at home and wherever you go (whether it’s to the beach, the soccer field, or your neighborhood park). Just like our durable and affordable sunglasses, our Knockaround gear is all about great products that don’t break the bank. And don’t forget: Shipping is free when you spend $50 or more.