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New Arrivals

We’re always adding something new. Check out the freshest pairs we’ve got! 



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NEW Rio Afters Knockaround Sunglasses Sunglasses with an amber frame with polarized amber lenses, flyover
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Knockaround New Arrivals: Fresh off the Press

Looking for a brand-new pair of sunglasses that feel especially made for you? This selection of new arrivals from Knockaround is pretty much guaranteed to get you pumped. Every pair in this collection is fresh out of the oven, if you will, and features all of our favorite styles, new color combinations, patterns, and finishes. At Knockaround HQ, we’re hard at work producing new silhouettes, patterns, frame styles, and colorways to ensure that our sunglasses lineup includes the latest and greatest.

If you’re new to Knockaround, let us introduce you to our high-quality, cost-friendly shades. Every pair in our arsenal is made to address a unique set of factors: They’re durable—that’s why we call them Knockarounds, after all—good-looking, and really affordable. So yeah, there’s really nothing that you have to compromise on, except for maybe the expectation that you have to go broke for a pair of solid sunnies.

What’s New from Knockaround

We’re constantly expanding our collections and adding brand-new styles and colorways to our best-selling ones. Whether you’re big on PremiumsFort KnocksClassicsFast LanesMai Tais, or Mile Highs, these new styles add something to your sunglasses collection. With every new pair of Knockarounds, we strive to bring something new to the table; either with a new take on one of our fan-favorites or with an all-new pattern or color combination. And if you’re looking for something new, unique, and rare beyond our regular sunglasses selection, head on over to our CUSTOM Shop and personalize your own one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses.