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Pacific Palisades

Just what you’d get if you could package up the warm summer vibe of a top down sunset cruise.

Vintage Rose Pacific Palisades Sunglasses with Pink Frames and Polarized Smoke Gradient Lenses, Flyover
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Pacific Palisades

Vintage Rose



Pacific Palisades: Fun-Loving Sunglasses For All Occasion

The Pacific Palisades are all about summer vibes. They’re the top-down, sun shining, fun-loving shades that package up everything you love about the beach lifestyle and present it on a silver platter. These party-ready sunglasses feature rounded rectangular lenses topped off with a retro brow bar that adds that laid back, no cares in the world feel. Every occasion calls for Pacific Palisades, from beachside get-togethers to cocktail parties overlooking the bay. In every setting, these rounded rectangular sunglasses are all style with no compromise.

The Party Shades
Pacific Palisades have a style for every wearer. For those who surround themselves with an air ofmystery, black on black is a winning combination. Vintage rose and pierside frames were made for the bright, bubbly life of the party, and the more adventurous types can’t go wrong with our navy or coastal dunes color combos. With good looks comes great features, like UV400 protection, polarized FDA approved, impact resistant lenses, and reliable durability that you can’t get from just any old sunglasses.

Best of all, if you’re torn between multiple pairs, you don’t have to choose just one! You can get free shipping on qualifying orders, and if you decide that one pair suits you better, we accept returns within 30 days (on standard US orders).