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Man and woman running while wearing Knockaround Sport shades

Sport Sunglasses

Featuring rubber nose pads to reduce slip, slide, and bounce. Make a good run better!



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SPORT Morning Moon Torrey Pines Sport Sport Sunglasses with Green Frame and Polarized Pink Lenses, Flyover
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 150 reviews

Torrey Pines Sport

Morning Moon

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SPORT Hill Charge Premiums Sport Sport Sunglasses with Blue Fronts and Mine Green Arms and Polarized Aqua Lenses, Flyover
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 26 reviews

Premiums Sport

Hill Charge

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Sport Sunglasses That Can Handle It All

If spending time outdoors tossing the ball around or shooting some hoops sounds like a good time to you, you’ll definitely want to explore Knockaround’s great selection of athletic sunglasses, perfect for any type of sport and outdoor activity. These shades are unlike your typical sports sunglasses in that they deliver timeless style coupled with durability and performance. They’re also in a league of their own price-wise—where a pair of typical sports shades could set you back a couple hundred dollars, our athletic running sunglasses won't break the bank.

What makes a good pair of sport sunglasses? The most important thing is durability. When you’re clocking triple-digit speeds down the slopes, training for that marathon, or hitting a few balls at the range, you need eyewear that can handle being dropped, banged up, or scratched. Knockaround sunglasses are made with impact-resistant lenses and durable metal hinges, so that they are well-equipped to withstand your active lifestyle. What’s more, we can make your favorite pair with polarized lenses to reduce glare and keep your range of vision free and clear.

Sporty Style for High-Scoring Pursuits

Running, soccer, snowboarding, sailing, tennis, whiffle ball… whatever your sport of choice, we’ve got a pair of sporty specs that can handle it. Knockaround Classics, Premiums, Fort Knocks, Fast Lanes, Paso Robles, and Mai Tais are all particularly good choices for sportswear because they feature comfortable, lightweight, and accommodating fits that won’t get in your way while you’re being active. Like all Knockaround sunglasses, our athletic running shades come in a vast assortment of colorways so you’ll find a pair that’s totally tailored to you. You’ll never want to hit the court, field, or diamond again without them.