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Great Big Style for Smaller Faces

Here at Knockaround, we know how important it is to find sunglasses that look made for your face, so we proudly offer a great variety of stylish sunglasses designed to complement those with smaller faces and more petite features. In general, people who have smaller faces tend to gravitate towards classic frame shapes, simply because these silhouettes tend to have a frame size somewhere in the middle, creating better proportion. Of course, smaller faces require a smaller pair, and all of these styles are snug enough that they won’t fall off your face.

Another thing to consider when shopping for sunglasses for small faces is the shape of the frame. Many people find that sticking with a classic, somewhat rectangular frame—Knockaround Classics, for example —does a good job of complementing smaller faces without making your sunglasses look oversized. While large, round shades aren’t always the best bet in this department, our Mai Tais and Paso Robles are often a great solution because they bring the big glamour of rounded shades but easily complement more petite faces at the same time.

Sunglasses Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All
If you have an active lifestyle and a smaller face, make sure to check out some of these fantastic options to ensure that your shades stay put, even during high-energy, high-speed activities. Knockaround sunglasses are some of the most universal around, because they’re all designed to suit a wide range of face shapes, and every pair is unisex. Remember, you can always take advantage of free, easy returns on sunglasses from, so if you find that yours are just not the perfect fit, simply send them back for a full refund or exchange (free returns on standard U.S. orders only).