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It’s Crystal-Clear: Style Meets Function

If you’re the kind of sunglasses lover that believes style doesn’t need to be complicated, and that originality reigns supreme, you’ll love this collection of cool transparent sunglasses from Knockaround. Featuring icy, clear frames that you can see right through, these shades are all about adding a unique, outgoing flair to your look. Our clear sunglasses are made with high-quality, transparent frames and have ice-blue, purple, orange, and green lenses for an all-around amazing aesthetic. These see-through sunglasses beautifully showcase our best lens colors.

We just so happen to think our green moonshine lenses look utterly amazing with a set of our clear sunglasses frames. The iced-out combo of crystal-clear and green-blue gradient is at once spirited and classic, perfect for complementing just about any look or activity. If green or blue aren’t your thing, give your shades a warm vibe with our red sunset lenses that fade from a warm red to a bright yellow, just like a real sunset. And, if your end goal is practicality, well, there’s only one choice: a pair of sleek, transparent sunglasses with polarized smoke lenses.

Clear Sunglasses for All Style Profiles
Crazy about clear? The great news is that Knockaround doesn’t discriminate in terms of style or silhouette. We’ve got clear frame glasses in all of our most popular collections, including Paso Robles, Classics, and Premiums. From the endlessly timeless shape of Knockaround Premiums to the casual vibes of Paso Robles, our clear lenses look good just about anywhere. Looking for clear lenses? We have a collection of blue light blocking sunglasses—ideal for protecting your eyes from the harsh light emitted from your computer or smartphone—that feature clear, blue or yellow-tinted lenses.