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Uncomplicated Unisex Sunglasses

Who says sunglasses have to be gendered? Knockaround sunglasses are all unisex, featuring universal fits, shapes, and colorways that complement the style and personality of all wearers. We’re in the business of making shopping for sunglasses easy, not in pigeon-holing our customers. As such, we’ve created collections based on style and functionality rather than gender-specific. Explore the widest selection of unisex sunglasses here, with options from our best-selling Paso Robles, Premiums, Fort Knocks, Classics, Fast Lanes, Mai Tais, and Mile Highs collections.

Why do we prefer unisex sunglasses? Traditionally speaking, sunglasses manufacturers usually make gendered collections—you have your sunglasses for men and your sunglasses for women. Because both men and women have varying face sizes and shapes, this is a rather arbitrary and outdated convention. Still, most sunglasses brands separate their sunglasses by gender, which really means they’re separated by whether or not they have more masculine or feminine features. At Knockaround, you can shop sunglasses by your tastes—not the tastes you’re ‘supposed’ to have—so you always get the perfect pair.

Truly Universal: Knockarounds for All
Knockaround unisex sunglasses are universal in many ways beyond gender. We take special care to design and engineer sunglasses frames that complement all face shapes and sizes. On top of that, our collections are expansive and varied, with colorways in classic, fun, and unconventional styles to suit pretty much every personality. We strive to help our customers find premium-quality shades at great prices without a long and arduous search process. The best part is, if you’re not completely satisfied with the way your Knockarounds look, you can always return them with no questions asked (U.S. standard orders only). It’s all part of our happiness guarantee!