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10 Coolest White Elephant Gifts

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10 Hilariously Useful White Elephant Gifts

December 08, 2020

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There’s no doubt that the holidays look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean there can’t still be ugly Christmas sweaters, spiked egg nog, and hilarious White Elephant gifts. Participating in a White Elephant gift exchange is all about luck (or...stealing gifts from other people). And usually you end up with something you really don’t want or can’t even use. It’s like a sort of sadistic Secret Santa.

This year, make someone’s day by giving them a White Elephant gift that is both clever and practical. Whether you’re gathering with family and friends outdoors or having an indoor, socially-distant company party wearing masks—here are 10 hilariously useful gifts that might cause some White Elephant jealousy. 


Bathroom Guestbook

When people visit your bathroom, make it a memorable experience by having them sign a fancy guestbook. Of course, this isn’t your ordinary guest book. Using intriguing and thought-provoking prompts (plus plenty of doodle space), your guests can write down their deepest thoughts and feelings while sitting on the loo. Because let’s face it—who hasn’t had had a grand epiphany or moment of clarity while taking care of business? Get yours on Amazon for $15.00.

Bathroom Guestbook
Photo Credit: Amazon


World’s Okayest Employee Mug

Office parties are notorious for White Elephant gift exchanges and if this isn’t the perfect present to bring, we don’t know what is. The ceramic mug is printed with “World’s Okayest Employee” on both sides, so whoever ends up with it, will be reminded of their mediocrity with every sip. Just be sure that your boss knows you’re being sarcastic in case it lands in their hands. Buy one on Amazon for $12.99.

World’s Okayest Employee Mug
Photo Credit: Amazon


‘Big Mouth’ Wine Bottle Glass

Wine sales have gone through the roof in 2020 (or, so we can only assume), and most people’s recycle bins are filled to the brim come every Sunday. This hilarious gift is here to help you power through each wine bottle with ease. Instead of just pouring one glass when you know you’re going to drink the entire bottle—just pour the whole bottle into this bad boy! Pick one up at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $9.99.

‘Big Mouth’ Wine Bottle GlassPhoto Credit: Bed, Bath & Beyond


Micro-Popcorn Popper

Bagged popcorn is so 2019. This adorably small micro-popcorn lets you make just the right amount of popcorn while being in charge of how you’d like to season it—no artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals. Plus, no wax-coated bags that will end up in a landfill! This might not be the ‘craziest’ White Elephant gift in the world but you have to admit—it’s pretty awesome (and so cute). Buy one on Amazon for $10.99.

Micro-Popcorn PopperPhoto Credit: Amazon


Mop Shoe Covers

With so much time being spent at home, there’s been a lot more cleaning that needs to happen on a regular basis. And, unless you’re one of “those” people, no one really likes cleaning—especially sweeping or mopping the floors. Have no fear! With this hilariously practical gift, all you’ll need to do is just walk around and drag your feet. Of course, those will eventually need to be washed too, but you can cross that bridge when you get there. Buy five pairs for just $8.99 on Amazon

Mop Shoe CoversPhoto Credit: Amazon


Dog-Shaming Calendar 2021

Dog-shaming photos and memes have become a fan-favorite over the years. Every time a dog shreds a feather pillow, ruins a pair of shoes, or drags their poo-covered bum on the newly-cleaned carpet, there’s a dog-shaming photo for that—and this calendar is full of them. Every single day, you’ll have a hysterical mischievous pup with a dog-shaming note to make you smile. Purchase one from Barnes and Noble for $15.99.

Dog-Shaming Calendar 2021Photo Credit: Barnes and Noble


Official Game of Thrones Cookbook

With a foreword written by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones fans will absolutely freak over this ‘official’ cookbook. If you’ve ever wanted to attend a grand feast at Winterfall, you can create all sorts of whimsical and mouthwatering dishes from the wintry fantasy land. Replicating cuisines from across the Seven Kingdoms, you’ll find recipes such as Beef and Bacon Pie, Sister’s Stew, Lemon Cakes, and Iced Milk with Honey. Get a cookbook from Amazon for $23.49.

Official Game of Thrones CookbookPhoto Credit: Amazon 


Electric Head Massager

Treat yourself to a super relaxing scalp massage from the comfort of your couch with this crazy awesome electric head massager. All you need is one AA battery and you’ll be taken away to a full sensory experience. While you lift and lower the massager on your scalp, it gently vibrates for a full trip to relaxation town. And if you can get someone else to do it for you? It’s next-level bliss. Purchase one on Amazon for $9.99.

Electric Head Massager
Photo Credit: Amazon


Pizza Socks Box

You can’t eat the contents of this tiny little pizza box but you can wear your favorite slice to keep your toes warm! They offer a wide variety of ‘tastes’ and sizes for you to choose from (Pepperoni, Capricciosa, Italian, Hawaiian, and Vegetarian) and each box comes with 4 pairs of ‘pizza’ socks along with one pair of ‘plain crust’ design. Feel free to mix and match your flavors! Pick up a Pizza Socks Box at Amazon for $25.99 (sorry, no delivery). 

Pizza Socks BoxPhoto Credit: Amazon


Portable Campfire

This 8-inch wide, 4-pound portable campfire packs some serious flames and it burns for up to five hours. You can literally use it as a back-up fire while you’re camping or if you just want to have a little bonfire session on your back porch with friends—plus, no embers! And when you’re done using it? Just blow it out and throw on the lid until next time. Get one from Amazon for $30.99.

Portable CampfirePhoto Credit: Amazon

Written by Ashley Brewer for Knockaround.

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