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Weezer Knockmix


For this month’s Knockmix, we’ve gathered up ten of our favorite Weezer songs (and videos). The Knockaround x Weezer sunglasses will be available Tuesday, March 19th. Until then, throw on some headphones and take a listen to one of the greatest rock bands of the last twenty-five years.


Weezer with "Can’t Knock the Hustle"

We like anything with the word “knock” in it. Especially if it’s a Weezer song. And especially if it’s off their new Black Album. This song checks all the boxes.


Weezer with "Buddy Holly"

Released on what would have been Buddy Holly's 58th birthday, this classic Weezer track almost didn't make it onto Weezer's debut album (The Blue Album) back in 1994. Lead singer and songwriter, Rivers Cuomo, said that he worried the song was "too cheesy". With its humor and quirkiness, the music video, directed by Spike Jonze, set the tone for future Weezer videos.


Weezer with "Beverly Hills"

Nominated for Best Rock Song at the Grammy Awards in 2005, Beverly Hills was not actually intended to come across with such a sarcastic tone. According to songwriter Rivers Cuomo, "I was at the opening of the new Hollywood Bowl and I flipped through the program and I saw a picture of Wilson Phillips. And for some reason I just thought how nice it would be to marry, like, an 'established' celebrity and live in Beverly Hills and be part of that world. And it was a totally sincere desire."


Weezer with "Africa"

We have an ongoing debate at Knockaround HQ about the original version of Africa from 1981, sung by Toto. Some members of the Knock Squad love it, some hate it. The same goes for Weezer’s version. However, the guy writing this paragraph is on the “love it” side, so…boom. Here it is. 🎶 I bless the raaaiiins down in Afffricaaa!!


Weezer with "High As A Kite"

Weezer has a ton of great songs, but a lot of the tracks on this month’s Knockmix were selected based on how great their music videos are. Case in point: High As A Kite. Inspired by Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, the video takes a dark turn as the band has a meltdown in front of a live audience…of children. We love Weezer’s use of nostalgia here.


Weezer with "I Love The USA"

In 2016, Weezer was approached by Apple Music and NASA to take part in a celebration of the Juno spacecraft arriving to Jupiter. This song, a slow-building, f-word laced ode to our country, seemed like the perfect fit. To our CEO, Ace, the song is the perfect reminder of why he loves America. At 23, he started Knockaround in his tiny art studio with $500…now, 13 years later, his company is putting out sunglasses with his favorite band. Talk about the American Dream.


Weezer with "Beach Boys"

In this song Weezer pays homage to another great SoCal band, the Beach Boys. These are some lyrics we can connect with: “Everyone wants to be cooler than everyone else / It’s a hip hop world and we’re the furniture / Let’s get out of the city / Let me tell you about a band I loved when I was a west side kid.”


Weezer with "Keep Fishin’"

This song is pretty good, but the video epitomizes what we love about Weezer. In an era where so many bands take themselves too seriously, Weezer heads to other end of the spectrum and teams up with The Muppets… complete with Animal on the drums.


Weezer with "Jacked Up (Remix)”

Featuring Fitz from Fitz and the Tantrums and Nadya of Pussy Riot, this remix ramps up the beat of the original track. Rivers Cuomo’s falsetto echos between the drums, creating one of our favorite jams to play on Friday afternoon in the Knoffice.


Panic at the Disco with "Say It Ain’t So"

Weezer has inspired a generation of new bands, and there’s no better example than Panic at the Disco. In this cover, Panic lead singer, Brendan Urie, nails the booming vocals of this classic, rumbling rock song.

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